Oxygen is a critical requirement for tissue healing and maintenance. Tetrous has two technology platforms and core IP licensed from TheraCell that provide for improved oxygen content in tissue grafts. Tetrous' Oxygenation technology utilizes a proprietary formulation of high oxygen capacity materials saturated with molecular oxygen. A second technology platform provides for materials that generate oxygen within the implant over time. TheraCell's oxygenation technology platforms are the subject of multiple granted and pending patents. The technology allows healing to be effected even before the body has developed vascularization of a site, and thus acts as a powerful adjunct to the healing process. The use of this proprietary technology provides a cost effective alternative to the use of the more expensive morphogenic protein products that have recently become less popular due to safety concerns. In-vivo proof of concept has been demonstrated in multiple pre-clinical models including rat subcutaneous, intramuscular, and PLF models, and the technology is now being further developed for commercialization in conjunction with our platform.