Our Partners

Tetrous' portfolio of regenative medicine solutions are manufactured exclusively for Tetrous by Origin Biologics (NV, USA) and Australian Biotechnologies (Sydney, Australia).


Tetrous believes strongly in the power of partnerships to progress science and product development and seeks mutually rewarding partnerships.

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DermOQ Oxygen Lab


DermOQ, Inc. is a skincare brand that brings the latest advances in oxygenated skincare from the world-renowned scientists who are revolutionizing tissue repair with oxygen. DermOQ, Inc. has developed a proprietary MaxOx™ oxygen delivery system for supplying molecular oxygen and other active nutrients into the skin to keep it in its most dynamic and alive state. Our patent pending innovative oxygen delivery systems use highly soluble oxygen compounds enhanced with molecular oxygen to penetrate and replenish the skin, delaying and reversing the effects of aging. Founded in 2017, the brand is headquartered in Los Angeles and maintains offices, laboratories and production facilities in the Boston area. www.dermoq.com. MaxOx™ is a trademark of DermOQ.